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FMS iPETRO Cloud Pro

We understand that it is not practical for you to replace all of your site hardware when you upgrade to iPETRO Cloud.

  • iPETRO Cloud Pro can accept data from your existing legacy systems including:
Transponder Technologies
Data Fuel
  • Start enjoying the benefits of the iPETRO Cloud Pro website and in time upgrade to our superior range of iPETRO Hardware as your business evolves.

iPETRO Cloud Pro is a secure web-based service for the complete management of home depot and home depot networks, allowing online transaction and stock management.

  • The easy to use website enables reconciliation transactions and stock movements both in real time and over defined ranges. 
  • Allows the site operator to monitor transactions and stock movements online - in real time.

Featured functionality: 

  • Transactions and wet stock movement displayed in real time 
  • Online reporting packages – transaction, card, stock and MPG reports in various formats including Excel and PDF 
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and TSM website 
  • Import of non-depot transactions from fuel card suppliers to report 100% of fleet usage for MPG and transaction reports (Non-Standard package) 
  • Single or multi-site fuel and stock management 
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on TSM 
  • Suitable for fleets ranging from 2 – 10,000 vehicles 
  • Protection from environmental issues – System highlights if stock levels change without a transaction taking place. (Nonstandard Package) 
  • Instant control of terminal and card access through secure broadband connection 
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into the terminal and the iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
  • iPETRO terminal links directly with the majority of tank gauges on the market.
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