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MACNAUGHT K3-01 SUPERLUBE™  Grease Pump for 20kg Drums

Designed for powerful and professional greasing, the SUPERLUBE™ is a cost effective solution for all workshop greasing requirements. Macnaught produces models to suit pails from 12.5kg (28 lbs) up to 22kg (48 lbs) with depths of 310mm to 430mm.  Comes complete with KR PRESSURITE™ gun, 3m hose and follower.


  • Spring loaded system - 60 shots of grease per prime.
  • High pressure, high volume KR PRESSURITE™ grease gun.
  • 3m (10 ft) x 12 mm (½”) ID delivery hose.
  • Rubber edged follower.
  • 360° swivel to prevent hose kinking.
  • Fully sealed to prevent contamination.
  • Fully serviceable.
  • 10 year warranty and parts guarantee.
  • Trolley is optional (TR5).


  • Pressure: 48, 300 kPa – 82,750kPa (7,000 – 12,000 psi, 690 bar).
  • Grease viscosity: up to NLGI No.2.
  • Wetted components: aluminium, steel, brass and nitrile rubber.
  • Output: approx. 1.25g on the high volume setting approx. 0.45g on the high pressure setting.
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