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Oily Water Separator

Coalescing media packs are positioned in two stages to force free oil droplets to impinge on surface area.

Upon impingement on media packs, droplets rise to the surface and are skimmed off into a waste oil container.


  • 1000L/Hr Nominal (3000L/Hr Maximum) Coalescing Plate Separator.
  • Robust 304 St/St Tank and galvanised support frame, Non Emulsifying Pump, 1 x float switch for pump, powder coated control panel, on/off/auto switches, 240V Industrial Spec.
  • Complete Packages including Non Emulsifying Pumps, Float Switches and Controllers.
  • Large Range from 1,000 to 50,000 litres per hour.
  • 304 stainless steel - NOTE - 316 stainless steel and polyethylene are available as optional specifications.
  • Automated operation with no consumables required.
  • WSAA Appraised (Appraisal No TWA1114).


  • Approved and appraised by major water and regulatory authorities.
  • Range includes systems to suit all budgets.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Compact systems ideal for outdoor installations.


Systems generally are setup to pump oily water from a sump or tank for treatment and discharged to sewer, leach drains, evaporative ponds or holding tanks.

Contact PETRO to discuss your application.


  • Wash Down Bays.
  • Small to Large Industrial and Mechanical Workshops.
  • Mining Workshops.
  • Mining LV/HV Wash Down Bays.
  • Refuelling Areas.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Transformer Bunds.
  • Commercial Car Washes.
  • Vehicle and Equipment Wash Down Bays.
  • Truck and Heavy Vehicle Bays.
  • Service Stations.
  • AQIS Wash Down Facilities.
  • Hire Equipment Branches.
  • Food and Beverage Plants.
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