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DONALDSON | Filter Head Dual DN40 (1 1/2") SAE Port

  • Clean Solutions filter heads can handle up to 125gpm / 473 lpm.
  • They feature robust, aluminium construction with steel inserts to minimise metal-to-metal galling between the head and the filter, even when used with diesel fuel.
  • Viton® seals are compatible with the widest range of fluids and maintain integrity in cold weather.
  • The head is leak-free, ensuring that fluids stay in and contaminants stay out.  
  • For maximum cleanliness, use Clean Solutions heads with Clean Solutions filters.


  • Connection 11/2" SAE 4-Bolt Code 61 Flange
  • Filter Quantity* 2
  • Max. Flow Range** 125 gpm / 473 lpm
  • Fluid Compatibility All diesel fuels and lubricants
  • Working Pressure 350 psi / 2413 kPa / 24.1 bar
  • Rated Static Burst 800 psi / 5520 kPa / 55.2 bar
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 245 °F / -40 to 118 °C
  • Indicator Port
  • Use to adapt pressure gauges or sampling ports (sold separately)
  • Construction - Aluminium head with threaded steel inserts and Viton™ seals
  • Compatible Filters - DBB8664, DBB8665, DBB8666, DBB5333, DBB0248, DBB8777, DBB7733
  • Flange Adapters - P563107 — 11/2" NPTF / P563109 — SAE-24


  • Aluminium head with threaded steel inserts
  • Pre-ported for optional pressure gauges or service indicators
  • Leak free SAE o-ring connections
  • Flow rates up to 125 gpm / 473 lpm
  • Flange connection easily adapts to system connections


  • All diesel fuels and lubricants
  • For use with Clean Solutions filters
  • System working pressures up to 350 psi / 2413 kPa / 24.1 bar
  • Higher flow rates or usage levels


  • Install on pressure side of pump with arrows pointing in direction of flow
  • If needed, use thread sealant to install pipe fittings to convert head to existing connections
  • Install filter head(s) into the system per local codes and regulations
  • Ensure sealing face is clean, then oil o-rings lightly on both the head and filter
  • Install filter on head by spinning clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket
  • Allow 11/2" / 38.1 mm clearance to change filters
  • Not for use in high pressure applications (over 350 psi / 2413 kPa / 24.1 bar)

Replacement Parts and Maintenance Schedule

  • Use with Clean Solutions filter models DBB8664, DBB8665, DBB8666, DBB5333, DBB0248, DBB8777, DBB7733
  • Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached
  • When a dual head is used, always change both filters, using identical filter models for both
  • When adding water absorbers, connect two dual heads in series with particulate filters primary and water absorbing filters secondary
  • Isolate filter and relieve pressure prior to servicing
  • Loosen filter by rotating counter-clockwise using strap wrench
  • Install clean filter by rotating clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket - Use strap wrench if needed, but do not over tighten
  • Dispose of used filters appropriately

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