Piusi K400 Range of Electronic Flow and Pulse Meters 15mm (1/2") Scr FF



Pulse Meter Specifics



The Piusi K400 pulse meter makes use of an oval gear system to measure the quantity dispensed of diesel, lubrication oil, anti-freeze and windscreen wash liquid, at a maximum flow rate of 30lpm.

These Piusi diesel pulse meters have no reading of it, and are instead used in conjunction with displays that allow the dispensing data to be read elsewhere.

The K400 pulse meter is ideal as an accompaniment to a dispensing nozzle, and for fixed systems for transferring lubricants. 

  • Flow rate: 1-30ltr Per Min
  • Fluid viscosity: 1-2000 or 5-5000 (depending on model)
  • Pulses: 100 Per Ltr
  • 1/2” F BSP Inlet/Outlet
  • Oval gear system
  • Accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
Oval gear electronic flow meters and oval gear pulser flow meters  for  controlling the dispensing of lubricating oils and diesel.
  • 15mm (1/2") FF Thread - choice of BSP or NPT thread
  • Body with  aluminium measuring  chamber. 
  • The operating principle of the oval gears allows for a high degree of accuracy when measuring and reduced loss of pressure.
  • The new K400 can be used either in-line on hoses, or on the nozzle, for instantaneous measuring of the fluid dispensed.


  • Standard AAA-size batteries
  • Bursting pressure: 200 bar
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Working pressure 70 bar
  • Aluminium body, Rubber protector
  • Oval gear in acetal resin
  • 5 figure partial display(Resettable), 7 figure total
  • Loss of pressure <0.5 bar
  • Flow rate up to 30 l/min
  • Accuracy +/- 0,5 %
  • Repeatability: 0.2 %
  • Viscosity 2 - 2000 cSt