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PIUSI Software USB Kit

The Self Service Desk software for fuel management systems stores all refuelling transactions recorded from the pump and allows the user to analyse this information in an easy to comprehend manner. This Piusi software can illustrate the fuel transactions within a particular date range and can also allow the user to view transactions for an individual vehicle, operator or pump.

The Self Service Desk Fuel Management System Software allows data to be transferred directly to a PC via hardwiring or manually via a Manager’s data touch key, enabling instant download via a key reader connected to the PC. This fuel management software is suitable for the Cube 70MC, Self Service MC, Self Service FM and the MC Box fuel management systems, as these units have PC Data Interfaces.


  • For Piusi fuel management systems.
  • Data transfer by hardwiring or key reader and USB (depending on model).
  • USB or Serial connection type (depending on model).
  • PDF instruction manual on USB.


  • 1 x USB Software.
  • 1 x USB Key Reader.
  • 1 x Red Manager Key.
  • 10 x Yellow User keys.