PIUSI Pitstop Pump - 12V DC, 45lpm

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PIUSI Pitstop Pump - 12V DC, 45lpm

  • PUMP 12V DC 45lpm Piusi Pitstop supplied c/w Pump, Spring Rewind Hose Reel, 15m x 3/4" ID Hose, Automatic Shut Off Nozzle.
  • Dispenser unit with automatic hose reel; 15 metres of hose with automatic nozzle allow dispensing up to 45 l/min with DC power supply.
  • The hose reel, the two DC pumps and the automatic nozzle are integrated in a sturdy supporting structure.
  • Easy to install, versatile, compact, necessary to complete mobile or fixed tanks.

PIUSI PITSTOP DC consists of:

  1. Hose reel.
  2. Side safety guards.
  3. Adjustable arms with end-of-travel hose stop.
  4. Diesel hose 3/4”-15 m (1” - 10 m).
  5. On/Off switch.
  6. Swivel.
  7. Automatic nozzle.
  8. 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC pumps.
  9. Sturdy metal supporting structure.
  10. Cables.
  11. On demand: fitting of PIUSI filters of the water absorption cartridge type.
  12. On request: fitting of PIUSI K24, digital turbine meter
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