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UNITOP Pneumatic Tank Level Contents Indicator - Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Universal, pneumatic level indicator with capsule type movement. Specially adjusted to the specific weight of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Easy Installation with mounting kit supplied.


  • Universal, pneumatic tank contents gauge with capsule type mechanism.
  • Fully adjustable 700 to 2,300mm tank height.
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2 % of FSD.
  • A dual scale makes checking of contents in rectangular and cylindrical tanks easy.
  • The indication is % volume and is therefore in its basic version independent of the tank shape.
  • Housing manufactured from impact resistant plastic, for wall mounting.
  • The mechanism support bracket, from highly stable plastic, is separate from the housing base and thereby guarantees a stable zero point and a high measurement accuracy.
  • Sturdy brass connector with pressure screw for pipe or tubing (Ø 6 mm) ensures airtight installation of the measurement line.
  • A vent screw, which is integrated in the connector, enables the checking of the pointer’s zero adjustment.


Continuous level measurement in tanks containing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). For tank heights from 700 - 2,300mm. Suitable for remote indication up to 50m.

  • Specifically calibrated for DEF
  • Universally adjustable
  • No power supply needed


  • Measuring Range:  0/700 to 0/2300mm tank height
  • Measuring Accuracy:  ±2 % of full scale value
  • Operating temperature Range:  Medium: 0/35°C
  • Ambient:  -5/+55°C (Please observe the pertinent regulations concerning the storage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Scale (Display Values):  0/100% volume
  • Housing:  Wall mounted housing made of impact resistant plastic with integrated hand pump.
  • W x H x D = 155 x 166 x 73mm
  • Process Connection:  G1 and G 1¼, reducer G1 x G1½ x G2
  • Standpipe:  Plastic HD - PE natural. Length 2.5m, balance chamber, stainless steel
  • Measuring Line:  PE Hose 4 x 1mm
  • Length:  10m
  • Scope of Delivery:  Level indicator, mounting kit, and reducers G2 x  G1½ and G1 x G1½
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