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iPETRO Pro Fuel Management System 

The iPETRO Pro terminal is designed to control dispensing of fuel from connected pumps / meters, and authorisation of users / vehicles using the systems. The iPETRO Pro terminal must be connected to the Internet, and integrates with the web based administrative tool iPETRO Cloud Pro.

iPETRO Pro includes the Integrated Modem, SIM Card, 2 x Pump Interface and ATG Interface.

iPETRO Pro provides Seamless integration, powerful reporting & real time site transaction and tank contents. Online real time technology.

The new iPETRO Pro terminal is used in commercial home base fuel facilities and utilises touchless key technology. Combine your iPETRO Pro terminal with the Remote Consoles for multiple dispensing scenarios. The Remote Consoles acts as slaves off the one Main iPETRO Pro Console. 


  • Cut your fuel costs, monitor¬†every litre of fuel delivered,¬†pumped and consumed
  • Save money with improved fleet¬†performance using real-time¬†vehicle and driver statistics reports.
  • The iPETRO Pro terminal can be linked to your tank gauge to show¬†complete stock and transaction activity on the same screen.
  • The iPETRO Pro terminal can be configured to work in conjunction with the iPETRO Live in¬†cab device to provide guaranteed kilometre/mileage information for fuel¬†management reporting.
  • complete Fuel Management¬†package, stock control, depot¬†transactions, vehicle¬†and Mileage capture¬†+ on road fuelling¬†data accessible¬†from any web¬†enabled PC.
  • Greater control and security,¬†24/7 access to your depot¬†stocks and fuelling systems
  • Compatible with all major pump suppliers including Compac, Transponder Technologies,¬†Tokheim, Pumptronics, Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne
  • iPETRO Cloud Pro provides the functionality for setting up cards, processing and monitoring transactions and much more.
  • Power requirements :220-240VAC / 50 Hz. - 110V 60Hz. is available upon request.¬†
  • Power consumption :max. 30 Watts¬†

iPETRO Cloud Pro

  • ¬†iPETRO Cloud Pro is a secure web based service for the complete management of home depot and home depot networks, allowing online transaction and stock management.
  • The easy to use website enables reconciliation transactions and stock movements both in real time and over defined ranges.
  • Allows the site operator to monitor transactions and¬†stock movements online - in real time.

Featured functionality: 

  • Transactions and wet stock movement displayed in real time.
  • Online reporting packages ‚Äď transaction, card, stock and MPG reports in various formats including Excel and PDF.
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and iPETRO Cloud Pro.
  • Import of non-depot transactions from fuel card suppliers to report 100% of fleet usage for MPG and transaction reports (Non Standard package).
  • Single or multi-site fuel and stock management.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
  • Suitable for fleets ranging from 2 ‚Äď 10,000 vehicles.
  • Protection from environmental issues ‚Äď System highlights if stock levels change without a transaction taking place. (Nonstandard Package).
  • Instant control of terminal and card access through secure broadband connection.
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked¬†directly into terminal and the iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown¬†on iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
  • iPETRO Pro terminal links directly with the majority of¬†tank gauges on the market.

Contact our knowledgeable staff at PETRO Industrial for iPETRO technical questions, advice or enquire about our range of Fuel Management Systems! 

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