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iPETRO Link is a universal, integrated, live, linked communication device designed to transmit all data from ANY Fluid Management and Automatic Tank Gauging System to the iPETRO VMI Web Portal.

Discover the epitome of efficient inventory management with the iPETRO Link, an innovative solution combining cutting-edge hardware and software within a user-friendly web portal. This advanced system captures real-time data, encompassing tank levels, and temperatures while offering operators a comprehensive overview, customisable configuration options, seamless setup, and top-notch service for tank gauging systems.

What sets the iPETRO Link apart is its proactive monitoring capability, which diligently identifies potential issues before they can escalate into significant challenges for your business. This foresight not only streamlines the resolution process but also prevents any degradation in performance.

Ideal for locations with substantial liquid storage tanks, such as refineries, petrochemical industries, distribution terminals, and depots, the iPETRO Link seamlessly integrates with existing management systems, whether they are OLE, OCIO, PIUSI, iPETRO, or other brands. This integration empowers you with complete control over all your sites or depots, regardless of your geographical location.

The iPETRO LINK data capture device and iPETRO VMI cloud based web portal

The iPETRO Link Tank Monitoring system is an innovative platform that incorporates an advanced automated email alert system and robust reporting features, providing you with real-time insights into crucial aspects such as low fuel levels, downtime, pump errors, temperature fluctuations, supply chain dynamics, and much more across all your tanks.

This proactive approach goes beyond mere organisational benefits. The iPETRO Link Tank Monitoring system is engineered to automatically notify you when on-site fuel usage is approaching operational reserve levels. Simultaneously, it initiates alerts to fuel suppliers, ensuring they are informed about impending shortages. This seamless communication guarantees smooth and uninterrupted operations, fortifying your ability to manage resources effectively and maintain operational efficiency.

iPETRO VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) Web Portal for Fluid Management

As part of the iPETRO ecosystem, the iPETRO Link, along with the full iPETRO Site suite (including iPETRO Pro and iPETRO Lite), seamlessly integrates with the iPETRO VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) Web Dashboard. Experience the convenience of managing all your sites and systems on a single, intuitive dashboard with a unified login for enhanced efficiency.

Connectivity is a breeze – simply link the iPETRO Link to the internet via the LAN port or 5G data. All you need is a web-enabled device to access your iPETRO VMI account, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility in overseeing your inventory management. Elevate your operations with iPETRO Link – where innovation meets efficiency.

Features for iPETRO Link:

Intelligent Calibration

Supply Delivery Detection

  • Intelligent Calibration
  • Supply Delivery Detection
  • Temperature Corrected fuel measure
  • Ambient Temperature measure
  • Barometric Pressure measure
  • Vibration measure
  • Reorder notifications
  • Automatic API push notification in the scheduling system;
  • GPS Location tags
  • Connect multiple ATG configurations
  • Multiply directly connected probes with temperature-corrected volume
  • Low voltage ensures low risk for maintenance
  • Opening and closing of daily balance
  • Alerts by text message and email
  • View tank statistics such as ullage, volume, temperature
  • Fuel Quality Sensor
  • Satellite connection
  • Environmental Sensors
  • 2x Serial Ports RS485
  • 4x Current Loop or Voltage Ports


Explore the perfect solution for your business with iPETRO Link, iPETRO VMI, and iPETRO Fuel Management Systems. Chat with our team today to unlock seamless integration and enhance efficiency tailored to your specific needs.

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