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Custom Fabricated Self Bunded Tank (waste oil)

Keep YOUR Business Free of Waste Fluids – PETRO Industrial

PETRO has just put the final touches on these two premium quality, custom fabricated T Series Self Bunded Tanks.

Custom Waste Oil/Fuel T Series Self Bunded TankThese aren’t just standard tanks either, they have been purpose designed and built to the specifications needed by a major aviation organisation, operating out of Brisbane Airport. The main feature of these tanks is the custom fabricated waste oil/fuel disposal system, designed to be compatible with Jet A1.

It offers two convenient methods of waste fluid disposal - manually tipping the fluids into the drainage tray and being pumped into the tank (Small containers); and a purpose build suction nozzle which can draw fluids directly from a large container (I.e. Oil Drum) directly into the tank. This enables your business to contain it's waste oil/fuel in one centralised location, allowing the easy coordination of bulk disposal.

The base tanks themselves come standard with a range of innovative and well designed features, which result in the tank being able to stand the test of time and brave the harsh Australian weather conditions which plastic tanks cannot.

Custom Waste Oil Fuel Self Bunded Fuel Tank Features

But how will this specialised unit benefit your business?

Eliminates Manual Handling.

The specialised waste oil/fuel self bunded tanks automate the waste disposal process with the innovative, 316 stainless steel drainage tray design. No more manual pouring. This more convenient approach, increases overall levels of responsible hydrocarbon liquids disposal.

Less Mess.

The design of the drainage tray assembly encompasses the largest tray real estate possible, giving a larger area to deposit liquids in less time. This reduces the likelihood of spillage due to inaccurate pouring. In addition to this, the custom drip tray integrated into the base plate aids in catching any residue.

More Safe.

Staff are one of, if not the greatest asset to a business. Ensuring your staff's safety is of utmost importance. The vacuum nozzle and drainage tray design reduces the overall exposure your staff have to potentially hazardous liquids.

Less Impact.

The reduced likelihood of spillage not decreased workplace health and safety concerns, but also reduces your business' environmental footprint. Less spillage results in less pollution, enhancing your business' environmental stature.

More Life.

All PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are designed to be built once, bought once and used forever. Our high quality steel design (With stainless inner tanks on Aviation models) gives our tanks longevity and reliability for years to come. Plastic/poly tanks are simply not all they are cracked up to be. In addition to this, these waste oil/fuel tanks boast high quality 316 Stainless steel components, which are resistant to harsh chemicals and the outside environment.

Gone are the days of messy, unethical, time consuming, inefficient waste fluid disposal.

Save your business time and money whilst increasing workplace health and safety for your staff, with an environmentally friendly waste fuel/oil tank, built to stand the test of time.

Contact Us today for a quote on your CUSTOM T Series tank, tailored to the needs of YOUR business.


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