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Custom Fabricated Pump Skid Assemblies

PETRO Are the FUEL SPECIALISTS. Come to us with your flow rate problems, we’ll diagnose them and provide you with a prescription to enhance your existing refuelling facility.

Custom Fabricated Self Bunded Tank (waste oil)

PETRO has just put the final touches on these two premium quality, custom fabricated T Series Self Bunded Tanks. Read more!

Self Bunded Tank Fuel Trailers (Double Wall)

Save time and resources by bringing the fuel to your equipment using YOUR new Custom PETRO Self Bunded Fuel trailer. Perfect for mining, logging or construction fleets where static storage is simply not feasible, or make it the latest addition to your rental fleet. The possibilities are endless!

PETRO Store Bunded Tank | Built to Spec

This 11,000L PETRO Store 110% Bunded Tank was fitted, for the client, with an iPETRO Fluids Management System, a High Flow Piusi Pump and Meter Combination with High Mast and auto stop Nozzle. Read More!