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PETRO Aviation tank (10,100L)

PT-Series Aviation Fuel Tank Built To Spec – PETRO Industrial


PETRO PT Series Self Bunded Tank for storing and dispensing Avgas.

PETRO PT Series Aviation Fuel Storage TankPETRO PT Series Self Bunded Aviation tank pump bayPT Series Aviation Double Wall tank hose reel


The storage of Aviation Fuel is a tricky matter at the best of times.
Any contamination could spell big problems in aircraft engines – not something you want while soaring high above the ground!

Just to make things all the more interesting, this client needed a tank to refuel helicopters embarking from a ship stationed in the Arctic. Sub-zero temperatures in corrosive sea air. Bring it on!


PETRO has manufactured a high quality, double wall, aviation tank suitable to operate in all conditions. This sturdy build promises optimum fuel quality for years to come; regardless of it's surrounding environment. PETRO Industrial's Aviation Fuel Storage tanks are built to withstand the conditions plastic/poly tanks simply cannot

All PETRO PT series tanks feature a rounded roof to prevent the pooling of water, sand or in this case snow. These tanks also feature lockable roller doors (or container doors in other models) to secure all dispensing equipment. All decals and safety signage were also provided as part of the build.

Installations are built to Spec by PETRO Industrial

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Self Bunded Tanks offered by PETRO Industrial. Contact Us for more information on how we can tailor our tanks for your needs!
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