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Built To Spec | PETRO Service Vehicle Body

A Remote Maintenance Truck Built To Spec – PETRO Industrial


A custom service body, designed to be fitted to a Hino remote maintenance Truck

Cmpressor and Air Hose - PETRO Service BodyPETRO Service Body - PIUSI K40 MeterPETRO Service Body Hose Bay


NIMR Automotive, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The client was in need of a mobile service vehicle, completely self-contained, while also being rugged enough to be able to withstand the harsh conditions vehicles encounter in the UAE.


PETRO has custom-engineered this service body in-line with the client's specifications. The vehicle is fitted with an air compressor and lubricants storage comprised of fresh and waste oil tanks.

The result is a compact vehicle capable of facilitating remote maintenance of other 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles in the client's fleet. An on-the-go workshop makes for less downtime, a more flexible fleet and a boost in organisational efficiency.

Be sure to check out the full album of images, and view all of the high quality components which form this is a serious piece of kit!

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