BMA 110% Bunded PT Series Diesel Tank

PETRO Industrial has built this PT Series Self Bunded Tank as a tailored solution for BMA QLD, meeting and exceeding all expectations. This tank will serve as an above ground diesel storage tank.

Faced with exacting specifications and requirements from the customer, PETRO has just finished factory wet commissioning of this impressive build.

Destined for an In Pit Refuelling application, this PETRO 110,000L Self Bunded Tank has to operate as a true stand alone, self powered facility and is configured as a Plug and Play facility.

Fitted with a High Flow Diesel Driven Tanker Unloading system, the facility will unload oil company tankers in no time.  In turn the PETRO facility is also fitted with Diesel Driven High Flow Dispensing to replenish diesel fuel for the BMA Haul Truck Fleet. The perfect piece of kit for an above ground fuel tank.

PT Series Rooftop Solar Panels & Donaldson Filtration Units

The batteries that power the lighting, electronic fluids management and pump start up are all solar powered. The roof of the PETRO PT Series Self Bunded Tank is lined with Solar Panels to provide the necessary power input for the 2 x deep cycle battery banks supplied.

PETRO PT Series Double Wall Diesel Tank Pump Bay

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