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PETRO x BFA T Series Double Wall Tank

Tank supplied to Gold Coast Sporting Event – PETRO Industrial

PETRO Partners with BFA to supply T Series Self Bunded Diesel Tanks to a major Gold Coast Sporting Event

We are pretty excited to be partnered with Bulk Fuel Australia, supplying our PETRO range of T Series Double Wall Tanks for an upcoming major sporting event in the Gold Coast, to be used as above ground diesel storage tank system. 

Our 110% bunded fuel tanks will be scattered across the many and various venues to provide refuelling capability for the myriad of small machinery and equipment needed to support the various sports and events. The PETRO T series double wall tanks' form factor allows them to be easily placed, stored and transported at such a fast-paced event. The perfect tool for the job!

PETRO Industrial T series Self Bunded Tank

Each PETRO T Series tank is fitted with a Piusi 90lpm Cube Pump and back up Hand Operated Groz Manual Pump.  PETRO Tanks can be found in lots and lots of applications around the world, in this case they serve as an above ground fuel tank.

See the full range of Self Bunded Tanks for sale at PETRO Industrial, there is a tank to suit any application! PETRO is fully integrated with it's manufacturing facility, meaning #WeAreTheFactory.

We accept nothing but the highest quality tank construction and accessories for our customers. PETRO's double wall tanks are built from high-quality steel, and designed for longevity, and to stand up to the harsh weather conditions Poly tanks simply cannot.

See the PETRO T Series Fuel Tank fly over video below:

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