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Franklin Fuelling Systems

Franklin Fuelling Systems

Franklin Fuelling Systems

PETRO Industrial Stock and Install Franklin Fuelling Systems which offers a complete line of petroleum equipment including Submersible Pumping Systems, Piping & Containment Systems, Service Station Hardware, Dispensing Systems, Fuel Management Systems and Transport Systems.

Fuel Management Systems

Automatic Tank Gauge systems for fuel inventory monitoring and control.

Submersible Pumping Systems

The highest performing submersible pumps, complete line of controllers and leak detection products

Dispensing Systems

Products include vacuum sources, nozzles, breakaways, hoses and system accessories.

Service Station Hardware

Products include complete lines of both aboveground and underground hardware.

Transport Systems

Products for both loading and off-loading applications on tank truck transports.


Complete system solutions for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

System Solutions

Our product systems are designed to create efficiencies and user benefits beyond those of standalone products.