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Fuel Hygiene

There are a number of different types of micro-organisms that can grow in certain types of fuel.

  • The biggest problem is presented by a filamentous fungus called Hormoconis resinae, (H Res).  
  • Previously called Cladosporium resinae, and more commonly referred to as “the diesel bug”.
  • H Res is a fungus that thrives in diesel fuel. It requires only a minimal amount of water content in the fuel to grow and will cause filter blockages, component failure and tank corrosion if left unchecked.
  • Bacteria and other types of fungi, particularly some yeasts can also cause problems in fuel tanks, usually acting as a consortium.

PETRO Industrial has a wide range of equipment and service solutions to prevent, and if need be resolve, any on-site fuel hygiene issues.

Contact PETRO Industrial today and speak to us about how we can assist you with your queries and fuel hygiene requirements!