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PETRO Self Bunded Low Profile Trailer - Galvanised Dual Axle

The latest innovation to come out of the PETRO design team, we are proud to announce the launch of our NEW 1000L and 2000L self bunded fuel trailer.  Designed and produced in Australia, this innovative self bunded trailer meets the requirements of the Mining, Civil Construction, Hire Industry and General Industrial Markets.


  • Two options are available an LPT 1000L (safe fill level 800L) or an LPT 2000L (safe fill level 1,550L) Trailer.
  • True self bunded, tank in tank design.  The inner tank can be removed from the outer tank for long-term testing, cleaning, and maintenance.  We don't simply just weld two bits of steel together and call this a self bunded tank.  Our design provides the best environmental compliance.  The tank is fully baffled to ensure liquid stability when towing the PETRO Self Bunded Trailer.
  • Our chassis is independent/separate to the main tank module.  The tank module can be removed for maintenance over a period of time.  The design includes dual axle configuration, fully hot-dip galvanised frame, roller/rocker suspension system, large rims, new tyres, Sunraysia rims, heavy-duty axle system, 50mm tow ball hitch assembly, mechanical override brakes, safety chain assembly, rear drop-down supports for trailer stability when the trailer is not connected to a vehicle.  Heavy duty swing away jockey wheel.  LED Lighting.  Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roller Bars, firmly fixed to the main chassis unit.  Meets requirements for towing of fuel in accordance with Australia Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations.
  • Low profile, aerodynamic style.  Low centre of gravity.
  • Gas strut lockable lid for access to tank fuelling area.  Tank fuelling area features mechanical level gauge, numerous spare ports for connection of support / ancillary equipment, fuel industry-standard anti-static fill tube, weatherproof recessed housing
  • For hire company applications or stationary equipment connection requirements (such as generators, lighting towers, pumps etc) we provide 2 x suction connection points and 2 x return connection points.  These suction and connection points are conveniently located at the rear of the trailer for simple / quick connection to site equipment.  We provide foot valves on the 2 x suction points to ensure that you retain a prime on the suction line of the stationary equipment,
  • Fire Extinguisher (4.5kg)
  • Amber Site Flashing Light with Extension Pole
  • Spare tyre and tyre mounting cradle
  • Drawbar mounted bunded, weatherproof, pump bay housing.  2 x lockable reverse-opening full-length access doors.  Pump Bay is fed by an independent 40mm id suction line with a foot valve preinstalled.  The foot valve guarantees a prime on your pump unit for ease of next start fuel flow.  The Pump bay has been designed large enough to store all required dispensing equipment including the pump, meter, filter, hose reel, battery etc.  Aerodynamic profiled design for ease of towing.  NOTE dispensing equipment is specified specifically for your application.
  • Heavy-Duty design suitable for on and off-road use.  The trailer is suitable for registration throughout Australia.
  • Both capacity options can easily be customised with solar panel kits. Making it easy to power all dispensing equipment anywhere it is needed.

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