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GRACO Hydraulic-Input Dyna-Star, High Ratio Lubrication Pumps

SKU 224912 – NSA
Original price $7,183.00 - Original price $10,703.00
Original price
$7,183.00 - $10,703.00
Current price $8,998.00
Style: Dyna-Star 5:1 - 16kg - 1.8 kg/min


GRACO Hydraulic-Input Dyna-Star Grease Pumps

Graco’s 5:1 and 10:1, hydraulically-powered lubrication pumps designed for long life and reliable operation in demanding offroad mobile applications. Hydraulic Dyna-Star pumps provide reliable, quiet, ice-free performance at maximum pressure and low flow rates and are up to three times more energy efficient than comparable compressed-air systems.

Electric pumps for heavy duty automatic lubrication and transfer systems.


  • No assembly required, fits in a standard 120 lb (55kg) grease drum.
  • Easy to connect, low-pressure hydraulic input.
  • Uses up to 3 times less energy than pneumatic systems.
  • Fewer moving parts reduces pump wear and maintenance.
  • Self-lubricating for long-life and dependable operation.
  • Ultra-quiet hydraulic motor.
  • Graco’s reciprocator piston minimises change-over stalls.
  • Lighter, more compact design than competition.


    • Fleet service facilities
    • Heavy-duty dealerships
    • In-plant
    • Lube trucks
    • Lubricant transfer
    • Mining
    • Service shops

      GRACO Hydraulic-Input Dyna-Star, High Ratio Lubrication Pumps - Specifications

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