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Electronic Fuel Management Systems – Cloud based, on-line and in real time transaction recording

iPETRO Fuel Management Systems

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    iPETRO LITE High Flow Dispenser


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iPETRO Fluids Management

Simplifying your fuel management!

Easy to use Cloud-based fuel management Portal that provides detailed information and clever insights into all aspects of your fuel storage and consumption. There is no need to change your legacy hardware, our intelligent software will report data from your existing infrastructure and your on-road fluids consumption. 

Read about our advanced Fuel Management System in our iPETRO Fluid Management System Brochure!

iPETRO Fuel Management System Brochure Download



Seamless Integration

We can accept data from your current legacy hardware. No Need to change hardware. This is one of the most powerful fuel management systems on the market.

Bring together your home base & on road transactions

Whether BP+, Shell, Caltex or any fuel card.


Real-time transfer of site transactions and tank contents to the iPETRO Pro cloud website, via a 3G connection. Know your stock levels whenever you need, from wherever you are!

Powerful Reporting

iPETRO software allows for powerful reporting to any Windows or Macintosh desktop, laptop, IOS or Andorid device in multiple formats.



Unattended Fuel Retail

The iPETRO Bank acts not only as a fuel management system, but a means to resell your fuel stock.

Passive revenue

Create a passive revenue stream for your business, by not only dispensing fuel to your own fleet but reselling your fuel to paying customers. The iPETRO Bank operates 24/7, allowing you to earn your business money while you sleep!

It's Safe and Secure

We have incorporated the latest, most up-to-date technology into the iPETRO Bank terminals, ensuring all transactions, customer information and fund are kept secure. The iPETRO Bank is fully PCI DSS Compliant.

All Payment Methods

The iPETRO Bank accepts a wide range of payment cards, with both contactless and traditional card reading technology, catering for all customers! 




Cost effective, entry level Fuel Management System (FMS).

Out-of-the-Box, Plug-and-Play Technology

No requirement to install additional software, stand alone fuel management system. The iPETRO Lite is extremely user-friendly, with 4 easy to use web portal screens.

Secure Transfer

Data is synchronised between the terminal and iPETRO Pro Cloud via an encrypted USB Management Stick.

Online Upgrade

Utilise mobile broadband connectivity to synchronise remotely with your iPETRO Lite terminal.