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PIUSI Mechanical Flow Meter K44, 4 Digit 25mm FF, 20-120lpm Litre Display

  • Oil and diesel flow meter.
  • Piusi products feature a nutating disk system to accurately¬†count how much¬†diesel fuel or oil has been transferred.
  • The K44¬†fuel dispensers flow meter¬†is a cost effective solution to measuring the flow of fuel up to 9999.9 litres at a time.
  • As well as being suitable for pumping system, these¬†Piusi¬†diesel and¬†oil flow meters¬†are also compatible with gravity fed systems once installed.
  • There are versions of these fuel flow meters specially designed for both¬†diesel fuel and oil depending upon the users' requirements.
  • The product dispensers Flow rate: 20-120ltr Per Min.
  • Can be rotated to allow flow from 4 directions.
  • 1‚ÄĚ F x F BSP Inlet/Outlet.
  • Nutating disk system.
  • Accuracy +/-1% after calibration.
  • 4 digit resettable and 8 digit non-resettable totaliser.
  • OPTION for Pulse Output Part #¬†00056500A-CATA¬†-¬†Open collector card type, frequency 10 pulses/litre, power supply 6-24 V DC, max 10 mA.
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