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Flow Meters

PETRO Industrial provides a wide range of high quality, durable flow meters. We stock brands such as Piusi, TCS, Fill-Rite and Macnaught.

PETRO Industrial has a comprehensive range of flow meters for the accurate metering of Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Aviation Fuels, Kerosene and Lubricants liquids. 

We only stock industry-leading brands in metering which provide optimal performance in all circumstances.

Our meters range includes mechanical flow meters, electronic flow meters. Such as flow indicators, mechanical register, electronic register, Piusi mechanical meters, Macnaught flow measurement, pulse meters, remote displays, tank calibration, test measure cans, total control systems meters.

Piusi flow meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed. Professionals need precise, reliable and robust mechanical flow instruments. Piusi’s response to these requirements is a comprehensive range of flow meters, some of which stand out for their light-weight and precision. Piusi flow meters can be used for a wide range of applications; including diesel, ULP & Aviation fuels.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about which meter is right for you!