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Spill Containment Units and Industrial Spill Kits available at PETRO Industrial

Spill Containment

Spill Containment Units

PETRO Industrial supplies a range of Spill Containment Units that are designed to capture spills at fill point. A Spill Containment Unit prevents damage to the environment, and reduces clean up costs that are caused by the small spills that occur when refuelling.

We can cater to all of your Spill Containment Unit needs and we only provide the highest quality products such as; Spill Containment Unit ramp (SCU) ramp 2000mm wide & 3000mm wide

Spill Kits

  • PETRO spill kits are used to contain, control and clean up spills of many and various different liquids.  We stock a wide range of replacement components.  All PETRO Spill Kits can be customised to suit your unique site requirements.
  • PETRO spill kits contain a range of absorbents and associated accessories that allow operators to quickly control, contain and clean up spills   PETRO spill kits are available in a huge range of types and sizes.  We can assist you in ensuring that your spill kit on hand is fit for purpose to help minimise risk and meet your environmental obligations.
  • The PETRO range of spill kits has been designed to deal rapidly and effectively with a spill, no matter what the type of liquid and surface.  PETRO spill kits are supplied in a wide range of standard containers from wheelie bins to carry bags and include a variety of absorbents designed, manufactured and colour-coded for each specific task.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about which spill containment solution is right for you!