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PIUSI Three25 AdBlue® IBC Pump Kit - 240V AC, 34lpm

The PIUSI Three25 AdBlue® Dispenser System for IBC Tanks was created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency.

The PIUSI Three25 administers a 32.5% urea solution that is protected by our AdBlue® 3D Filter which prevents the contamination of your AdBlue® and in turn allows for an increased life of the catalyst.


  • Bunded nozzle holder with new SB325 automatic nozzle with breakaway system and stainless steel spout.
  • Pump.
  • K24 meter. 
  • Adblue® 3D Filter.
  • Sturdy, stainless steel, plate with roll bar protection.
  • SEC connector for plastic couplings or new Piusi Adblue® Coupler (PDC) for common IBC tank steel coupling systems.
  • New security lock bracket system.
  • High Capacity Hose Holder and Practical Nozzle Holder.
  • 6m Crimped EPDM delivery hose.
  • External Suction Hose.
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