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For years companies have used oil analysis to determine the health and condition of their equipment. Most recognise the value of using oil analysis to avoid unplanned equipment downtime and for planning oil changes. However, most companies are not getting the most out of their oil analysis program because
they do not understand the importance of proper oil sampling.

Oil samples are the important first step in any oil analysis program. Without one, the lab would have nothing to analyse. The aim of any predictive oil analysis program is to trend any gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris so that corrective action can be started in a controlled, planned manner. The results from your sample will determine if corrective actions need to be taken.  An improper sample can skew these results, producing either costly false negatives or false positives.  Ultimately those improper samples can cause an oil analysis program to be abandoned.  

A proper sample represents the true condition of the equipment. It’s taken while the equipment is running and it is taken from the same spot every time.

Sampling valves are the best method for obtaining proper, reliable oil samples. They make it possible to take oil samples safely, while the equipment is running, from the same spot, every time. This means that oil samples can be taken at any time since shutdowns are no longer necessary. Sampling, while the equipment is running, ensures that the sample is a direct representation of the equipment’s condition.

Additionally, the oil sample is coming from the same spot in the active zone every time, away from the sediment and filters. Meaning that the sample pulled will contain hot, information-rich oil that can be trended against previous samples to show the condition of your equipment.

Different types of equipment require different types of sampling valves.
We’ve developed our range of sampling valves and tubes to cover the needs of both stationary and mobile equipment.


The LTJ Sampling Tube makes gearbox sampling simple. All that is needed for installation is a port and standard JIC Flare fitting. Once installed, the tube can be positioned to draw oil directly from the active zone while the equipment is running, leading to more reliable, trendable, and repeatable samples.


The KP Pushbutton allows for easy sampling of pressurised systems by pushing a button. The push button style eliminates the need for probes and cross contamination risks. To sample, hold the bottle under the spout of the button and then push.

The SC relocates all of your system’s sampling valves into one easy to access location. The SC allows you to draw a highly representative sample through the use of a bypass loop. This loop stays active even when no sample is being taken, allowing technicians to avoid the guess work of purge volumes.

The LE Valve is a low-profile sampling valve recessed in a drain plug. The LE replaces existing plugs to allow for oil sampling without removing the drain plug and opening the system up to moisture and contamination.

The DPI lets the operator see exactly when the planetary drive wheel is properly positioned to check the fluid level and change the oil, even on uneven surfaces.
Just attach the DPI sensor to the wheel magnetically and move your equipment forward and back until the DPI indicator unit signals that the track drive or wheels have rotated into the required position.



Eliminate the safety risk of inserting flexible plastic tubing into gearboxes and reservoirs with the LT High Flow Series. The LT’s stainless tubing can be cut/ bent and installed to draw active oil. Sample from the same active zone every time, eliminating the inaccuracies of sampling too close to the bottom or sides.

The LTJ Sight makes it possible to complete quick preventative maintenance inspections for oil level and oil coloration. The sampling tube can be used in a mid level sight port with the tube poiting down to reach the active zone.

The LP Series allows you to sample low pressure circulating systems with a push of a button. It’s ideal for sampling high viscosity oils, and heavy weight gear oils. Use to sample pressures up to 125 psi (0.86 MPa).

The KST Series sampling valve provides quick samples using a standard needle probe. Hundreds of thousands of low and high pressurised systems worldwide use the KST’s rugged O-Ring sealed valve. Tested for 1 millions cycles, to deliver reliable samples in a leak free environment.



The CORE Solution covers the functions you need for total fluid management of your gearbox or reservoir.  It combines our AB Breather and AD Drain mounts into a closed system. Allowing you to combine sampling excellence with other condition monitoring functions you need to keep your equipment reliable.

Stop opening up your system for oil samples!
Are you getting outside particles into your system from your old sampling method?  Now you can filter without shutting the machine down without halting production.

With the CORE Solution you can:

  • Get best practice sampling.
  • Drain your oil.
  • Perform in-service filtering through a closed system.
  • Complete visual oil analysis inspections.
  • Protect your system from particles and moisture contamination.
  • Detect oil level and discoloration.
  • Electronically detect oil level, temperature, and moisture.
  • Easy oil top ups.

Oil Sampling CORE Solution

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