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DONALDSON | Filter Element 4μm Particulate Fuels

  • Donaldson DBB8666 contains D.E.R.T. (Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology) to minimise the known effects of Electrostatic Discharge at high flow rates, ensuring your bulk fuel filtration provides the targeted ISO Cleanliness of 14/13/11 for the duration of its service life.
  • Donaldson spin-on elements enable fast, simple and clean servicing, without the requirement of specialised tooling, lifting devices or elevated work platforms. The filter media has greater protection from environmental contamination during service and installation than common cartridge style elements, further enhancing Donaldson’s high initial efficiency.
  • Contaminant loaded media is disposed of with the replaceable can, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of fixed infrastructure or direct handling of concentrated contaminants. The DBB8666 spin-on elements can be configured for high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.


 Outer Dimension 117 mm
Length 362 mm
Working Pressure 350 psi / 2413 kPa / 24.1 bar
Maximum Flow Range 246 lpm
Operating Temperature -40 to 118oC
Media capacity reached at 50 psi dP
Dry Weight 2.3 kg
Liquid Capacity 3.8 L
Media Proprietary Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology
Seal Type Viton
Internal Liner E-coated
Potting Compounds Epoxy


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