DONALDSON Filter - Bulk TRAP Breather Assembly DN40 (1.5")

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DONALDSON | Bulk TRAP Breather Assembly

The Donaldson TRAP Breather assembly consists of:

  1. Breather element 
  2. Mounting Assembly 
  3. Restriction Indicator
  4. Over-fill Check Valve

The Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (TRAP) Breather assembly protects the fluids in your storage tank from airborne particulate moisture contamination and ambient moisture. 

It combines a high capacity 3-micron air filter with a deliquescent breather than regenerates itself when air is expelled from the tank. This self-regenerating capability of the TRAP enables extended life and functionality. 

Keep your fluids clean and dry with a Donaldson TRAP Breather.

Features & Benefits

  • High-efficiency air filtration
  • Longer life and lower airflow restriction than typical silica gel breathers 
  • Self-regenerating moisture adsorption 
  • Easy to service


  • For use with all diesel fuels and lubricants 
  • Above and below ground tanks 
  • Mobile service trucks 
  • Indoor or outdoor applications 
  • Most tanks up to 10,000 gal. / 37,854 litres (large tanks may require multiple units)

Technical Features

Particulate Filter

  • Highly efficient pleated particulate filter stops particle sizes down to 3 μm at 97%.

Service Interval

  • Optional mechanical indicator available. Models with no indicator: change breather every 6 months.

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40°F  to +200°F / -40°C to 93°C

Electronic Indicator

  • Actuated by pressure differential, flashes red to indicate change out is needed. Indicator setting, 1 PSID (6.9kPa). 
  • Indicator power source: 3V lithium battery CR2032.  

Mechanical Indicator Kit

  • Install kit between reservoir and TRAP breather. Lock-up style indicator with manual reset. Highly visible, bright red band shows when restriction limit is reached. Indicator setting 20" H2O (5.0 kPa). 


In environments with combustible dusts or vapours, use non-electrical models only. 

TRAP Breather Assembly Offering

Assembly Part Number DFF0078
Efficiency  97% efficient @3 microns

Max. Flow Range

Combined inlet and outlet flow up to 500 lpm maximum
Overflow Check Valve Opens at 2.32 psi / 15 kPa
Operating Temperature

-40 to 200°F /

-40 to 93 °C 

Fluid Compatibility Safe for use with all fuels and lubricants 
Indicator Standard mechanical
Height  16" / 410mm
Construction ABS housing, Urethane end caps 
Connection  1 1/2" BSP female 
Replacement Filter P923075 spin on


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