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DONALDSON | Bulk TRAP Breather Assembly

The Donaldson TRAP Breather assembly consists of:

  1. Breather element 
  2. Mounting Assembly 
  3. Restriction Indicator
  4. Over-fill Check Valve

The Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (TRAP) Breather assembly protects the fluids in your storage tank from airborne particulate moisture contamination and ambient moisture. 

It combines a high capacity 3-micron air filter with a deliquescent breather than regenerates itself when air is expelled from the tank. This self-regenerating capability of the TRAP enables extended life and functionality. 

Keep your fluids clean and dry with a Donaldson TRAP Breather.

Features & Benefits

  • High-efficiency air filtration
  • Longer life and lower airflow restriction than typical silica gel breathers¬†
  • Self-regenerating moisture adsorption¬†
  • Easy to service


  • For use with all diesel fuels and lubricants¬†
  • Above and below ground tanks¬†
  • Mobile service trucks¬†
  • Indoor or outdoor applications¬†
  • Most tanks up to 10,000 gal. / 37,854 litres (large tanks may require multiple units)

Technical Features

Particulate Filter

  • Highly efficient pleated particulate filter stops particle sizes down to 3 őľm at 97%.

Service Interval

  • Optional mechanical indicator available. Models with no indicator: change breather every 6 months.

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40¬įF ¬†to +200¬įF / -40¬įC to 93¬įC

Electronic Indicator

  • Actuated by pressure differential, flashes red to indicate change out is needed. Indicator setting, 1 PSID (6.9kPa).¬†
  • Indicator power source: 3V lithium battery CR2032.¬†¬†

Mechanical Indicator Kit

  • Install kit between reservoir and TRAP breather. Lock-up style indicator with manual reset. Highly visible, bright red band shows when restriction limit is reached. Indicator setting 20"¬†H2O (5.0 kPa).¬†


In environments with combustible dusts or vapours, use non-electrical models only. 

TRAP Breather Assembly Offering

Assembly Part Number DFF0078
Efficiency  97% efficient @3 microns

Max. Flow Range

Combined inlet and outlet flow up to 500 lpm maximum
Overflow Check Valve Opens at 2.32 psi / 15 kPa
Operating Temperature

-40 to 200¬įF /

-40 to¬†93 ¬įC¬†

Fluid Compatibility Safe for use with all fuels and lubricants 
Indicator Standard mechanical
Height  16" / 410mm
Construction ABS housing, Urethane end caps 
Connection  1 1/2" BSP female 
Replacement Filter P923075 spin on


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