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DONALDSON AdBlueⓇ Filter Kit (DEF)

SKU P575058+P575059+P575060
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$19.30 - $968.50
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Options: Filter Kit (DEF): Housing, Brackets, O-ring, Element & Filter Wrench


Donaldson AdBlueⓇ Filter Kit (DEF) - Housing, Brackets, O-ring, Element & Filter Wrench

Today’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions control systems require clean Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for precise dosing and complete atomisation to occur. However, contamination from transfer and storage or corrosion from incompatible materials can prevent your SCR system from getting the clean DEF it needs for proper operation.

The Donaldson DEF filter catches contaminants before they reach your vehicle or equipment and the onboard DEF filter. Clean DEF ensures proper function of the SCR and extends the life of the onboard DEF filter.


  • 1 micron at beta 5000 efficiency
  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Precise knife edge internal seal
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Maximum working pressure of 300 psi
  • Leak-free O-ring seal
  • Integrated gauge/sample ports
  • Replacement filters available individually


  • DEF dispensers up to 10 GPM / 38 lpm


! !  CAUTION  ! !

DEF IS HIGHLY CORROSIVE. All pipe fittings must be compatible with DEF. Most plastics as well as stainless steel are acceptable. Carbon steel, zinc, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. are not recommended due to undesirable chemical reactions. If any of these materials are used in your system they should be immediately replaced with a compatible material.


  • P575058 – DEF Filter Housing 1" BSPT
  • P575059 – Clean DEF Filter
  • P575060 – DEF Housing Replacement O-ring

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