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DONALDSON Filter Element - 7μm Particulate, Light Oil


DIESEL IS DIRTY.  As diesel travels from refinery to terminal locations to local bulk storage and finally to your bulk tank, it picks up contamination that is deadly to today’s engines.

DIRT IS BAD.  Your local distributor likely delivers diesel that meets or exceeds fuel-industry standards for cleanliness. This may not be clean enough for your equipment.

REMOVE THE DIRT. ACHIEVE MORE.  By filtering out dirt, water and other contaminants before your fuel ever touches your equipment, you’ll minimise costly downtime, keep running and achieve more.


Are your bulk fluids passing large amounts of free water downstream – contaminating vehicles and equipment?

Donaldson’s water absorbing filter with super absorbent polymer media, DBB0248, will stop flow if large amounts of free water are detected in your ethanol-free fluids. Designing systems with water absorbing filters requires careful sizing considerations. A specialist will assist in configuring a system that meets your specific needs for flow and pressure drop.

Filter Element Dimensions:  5” x 14.25” / 12.7cm x 36.2cm

Target ISO Cleanliness: 16/14/11

Micron Rating & Efficiency: 7 micron @ Beta 2000

Fuel Compatibility: Transmission & Hydraulic Oil

Viscocity Range: <500cSt

Working Pressure: 350 psi, 2413 kpa, 24.1 bar

Element Collapse Pressure: 150 psi, 1034 kpa, 10.3 bar

Rated Static Burst: 800 psi, 5516 kpa, 55.2 bar

Max. Flow Range: 65gpm (2446Lpm)

Operating Temp.: -40 to 190°F / -40 to 88°C

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