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DONALDSON Reservoir Air Dryer

The Donaldson Reservoir Air Dryer eliminates the need to continually replace conventional desiccant breathers, enhancing reservoir breathing systems by continuously purging and dehydrating reservoir headspace.

With no electrical requirements, the Donaldson Reservoir Air Dryer combats ambient ingression of moisture by introducing a steady stream of clean, dry air to the reservoir.

This constant airflow helps sustain optimal conditions and prevents the formation of condensation and rust in the reservoir, minimising the potential for particulate and water ingression through reservoir access points.

When combined with a T.R.A.P. Breather, the complete system keeps moisture and contamination out, even if fluid flow rate out of the tank surpasses the Reservoir Air Dryer flow rate into the tank.


  • The clean, dry air sweep dehydrates the reservoir headspace and removes dissolved moisture from exposed oils and fuels*.
  • Operates with standard plant air; instrument quality air is not required.
  • Sub-micron coalescing air filter collects oil and water droplets and fine particles from inlet air.
  • Visual indicator monitors filter condition.
  • Automatic drain purges captured liquid with no intervention required.
  • Membrane air dryer reduces plant air dew point by as much as 150 °F (83 °C).
  • Pressure regulator de-pressurises the air and ensures that the proper flow rate of air is introduced into the reservoir.


  • Lubricant system reservoirs.
  • Diesel storage tanks.
  • Oil storage tanks.
  • Gear boxes.
  • Hydraulic system reservoirs.


  • Efficiency: Reduces dew point as much as 150 °F (83 °C)
  • Outlet Flow Volume @100 psi and dew point suppression: 0.5 scfm (14.2 slpm) maximum
  • Inlet Air required @ 100 psi:  0.8 scfm (22.7 slpm) maximum
  • Pre-Filter Condition:  Visual Indicator (Green/Red)
  • Pressure Regulator:  Dial Gauge
  • Coalescer Drain:  Automatic Float Type
  • Max Working Pressure:  116 psi (800 kPa / 8.00 bar)
  • Max Operating Temperature:  125°F (52°C)
  • Fluid Compatibility:  Petroleum and Phosphate Ester Fluids, Diesel Fuels*
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection:  ¼” NPT
  • Mounting Bracket:  3/8” - 16 UN Threaded Nut
  • Weight:  <5 lbs (<3 kgs)
  • Replacement:  Coalescing Pre-Filter

*The Reservoir Air Dryer is not recommended for use on gasoline holding tanks or for the head space of any flammable liquid (Flash Point of 100F/38C)

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