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ELAFLEX Flanged Rubber Expansion Joint - ANSI 150# Range

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$902.00 - $990.00
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Size: 150mm (6") ANSI 150 Flange


ELAFLEX Flanged Rubber Expansion Joint - ANSI 150# Range

Rubber expansion joints / compensators are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Rubber expansion joints are single sphere type rubber expansion joints within swiveling metal flanges. The high quality bellows are produced in a mould. They are used to absorb tensions caused by temperature changes (thermal expansion), and equalize structural settling such as basement subsiding or ground movements.

Recommended for Hydro-carbon products with less than 50% aromatics.


  • Suitable as a pipe insert / expansion piece to facilitate inspections of valves or other devices.
  • Perfect noise dampeners and ideally qualified to reduce vibrations. The major part of the piping’s structure-borne noise and the low-frequency noise generated by fluids is eliminated.
  • In fluid handling systems it is often necessary to make allowance for pipework expansion, vibration and slight misalignment.
  • A multi-purpose solution to many of these problems is the Elaflex rubber expansion joint.
  • It compensates for stresses arising from these thermal variations or misalignment, substantially dampening vibration from associated plant such as pumps, compressors, etc. preventing the transmission of objectionable noises.
  • Available in a variety of synthetic rubber qualities and flange configurations, it has colour strips for identification to differentiate all commonly used fluids.
  • If required, PTFE liners can be installed for aggressive chemicals.
  • Ancillary fittings include limiting stirrups for use with standard flanges, limit rods and custom-built flanges, flame protection covers, internal support rings for vacuum duty.
  • Rubber expansion joints have been proved in service for many years and are approved by a number of Authorities.
  • PETRO stocks the TW YELLOW range which is commonly used on aircraft refuelling units (see below for related data) – 80 & 100mm.

Tube:  Seamless Nitrile NBR., oil resistant for temperatures up to + 100ºC

Cover:  Neoprene, electrical-conductive, oil resistant and weatherproof.

Flanges:  Forged aluminium Flanged ANSI 150#.

Electrical Resistance:  EBetween 1k Ohms and 1Meg Ohms.

Max. Working Pressure:  10 Bar.

Test Pressure:  16 Bar.

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