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ZVA25 Nozzle - High Speed Auto Shut Off, 140lpm

ZVA25 nozzle, suitable for hi flow Diesel and Biodiesel refuelling applications up to a flow rate of 140 litre/min.

Featuring patented low pressure drop venturi type automatic shut-off, the nozzle isolates the flow of fuel before overfilling the tank.

Built-in check valve. 3-speed lever latch with removable latch pin enables a wide range of flow control.


  • Suitable for pumped applications only. Compatible with most fuels including diesel and biodiesel.
  • Commonly used for refuelling wind turbines at sea. The low pressure drop design and (optional) safety break swivel ensures that transfer from vessel to tower is both safe, efficient and spill free.
  • ZVA nozzles are highly configurable and can be customised to suit specific applications. Various options exist including inlet fitting, guard type and spout pattern. For more details please refer to the datasheet which can be downloaded below, please feel free to contact us if you require assistance or prefer to discuss your application in more detail.
  • * As standard the nominal working pressure for the nozzle is up to 3.5 bar. An option to increase spring pressure to allow actuation against a 5 bar supply can be provided on request.


Automatic shut off
Aluminium Body
Stainless Steel, Steel Acetal Resin Internals
NBR/polyurethane Seals
PVC Guard, Optional Brass Swivel
Flow Range
140 litre/min
Spout Diameter
Pressure (min)
7.3 PSI (0.5 Bar)
Pressure (max)
50 PSI (3.5 Bar) *
Temp Range
-6°C to +55°C
1" BSP(F) Swivel


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