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Enviropad Spill Matt

by Stratex
Original price $1,112.00 - Original price $1,486.50
Original price
$1,112.00 - $1,486.50
Current price $1,112.00
Diameter: X-Large 1,370 x 1,370mm


Enviropad Spill Matt

Absorbs and turns hydrocarbons into an impermeable rubber.

The EnviroPad is a low maintenance spill pad that absorbs and neutralises hydrocarbons, and doesn’t leak in the rain.

The largest variant is capable of absorbing over 44 litres of oil, without sidewalls or a liner!

By absorbing hydrocarbons and leaving water to run off, the EnviroPad helps to reduce your waste disposal costs. It is durable, safe to drive over, portable and can be used many times until capacity is reached. The key to EnviroPad’s success is its innovative polymer technology, which absorbs hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel, hydraulic oil and effectively turns them into rubber.

After reacting, pollutants are unable to escape - even when the pad is compressed or pressurised. The EnviroPad is an alternative to traditional polypropylene absorbents, which act more like a sponge and pose further environmental risks if incorrectly handled or disposed of.

The EnviroPad polymer is:

The EnviroPad can be hung and stored after use without risk of leaching or dripping. Once absorbent capacity has been reached, the EnviroPad swells to double its thickness and starts to discolour around its edges.


The EnviroPad is available in a variety of sizes making it a versatile compliance solution that can be used across construction, utilities, mining, workshop and plant hire industries. The EnviroPad can help businesses manage their hydrocarbon spill risks and environmental compliance.

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