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PIUSI MC Bowser - 240V AC, 90 l/min

SKU F0074101D
by Piusi
Original price $5,866.30 - Original price $7,621.90
Original price
$5,866.30 - $7,621.90
Current price $5,866.30
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PIUSI | Fluid Management Systems - FMS 240V AC Bowser

PIUSI MC 90 l/min c/w Electronic Fluids Management System, F0074101C

The Piusi Self Service MC Fuel Management System is an innovative diesel and raps oil dispenser, which offers authorised users fast and precise dispensing and fuel monitoring features. TheĀ PiusiĀ pumpĀ and monitoringĀ unit, which comes standard with a nozzle holder, incorporatedĀ diesel transfer pump, motor and electronic meter, is capable of recording the date, time and amount of fuel dispensed for the last 255 transactions.

This fleetĀ fuel management systemĀ has the capability of controlling up to 80 users as standard. It also only allows these users to have access to the pump, providing the tank owner with fuel security. It can be controlled and setup at the unit only, by means of pin code or magnetic data key. Whereas these stand alone fuel management systems show transaction data on the unitā€™s screen; there is an optional Self Service Desk software package that permits the exporting of data to a PC for analysis.

The Self Service MC Fuel Management Systems comeĀ either as floor mounted versions or Mini versions, which can be wall or tank mounted.

  • Controls up to 80 users.
  • Panther E120 diesel transfer pump.
  • Flow rate: 90ltr Per Min.Ā 
  • Fuel monitoring features.
  • Local memory of 255 transactions.
  • K600 Flow Meter.
  • Automatic nozzle and nozzle holster.
  • 4m x DN25 (1") Delivery Hose.
  • Supplied with 30um water removal filter.
  • 240V AC single phase power.
  • 1 1/2" BSP Inlet.

Available in a kit: SKU:Ā F0074101C-2+SOFTWARE-PIUSI

1 x Bowser
1 x FMS PIUSI SOFTWARE 2018 USB - F00773010
10 x FMS PIUSI User Key (Yellow) - F15904000
1 x FMS PIUSI Key Reader USB to PC - used with Red Managers Key - F1226201A
1 x FMS PIUSI Manager Key Red - F1249600A


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