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The Piusi Ocio GSM enables the remote monitoring of single or multiple Ocio tank level gauges, by displaying the current tank level or high/low level condition via an SMS or by email.

The transmitter with GSM modem can be connected to a Piusi Ocio fuel tank gauge on an individual tank, or up to 8 Ocio gauges to control up to 8 tanks provided that the necessary expander packs are purchased.

In order for the Ocio GSM system to work, the user must provide a GSM SIM card, preferably on a tariff, with the system supporting up to 10 mobile phone numbers in the built-in phonebook.

The Ocio GSM is ideal for the remote monitoring of tank contents, and can be sent direct to the fuel provider or technician responsible for filling or emptying.


  • Instant tank level reading.
  • Two alarms (minimum and maximum level) which send messages to one or more enabled telephone numbers or an e-mail address.
  • Regular tank level readings sent at pre-set intervals to predefined telephone numbers or an e-mail address.
  • Designed to work exclusively with Ocio tank contents gauges.
  • Automatically alerts the set number of a min or max level.
  • Instant Tank Reading in mm.
  • Can be sent at pre-determined times or on demand.

The system can be used in all situations which require level monitoring without the need to be physically present, leading to timesaving and guaranteed reading in all situations.

Alarm messages are sent straight to the supplier or plant maintenance technician responsible for tank filling or emptying, for example, used fluid disposal.

A transmitter with a GSM modem is connected to the OCIO level indicator and, via one or more expansions, can control up to 8 tanks. Each tank is fitted with a level indicator which is connected by cable to the OCIO GSM box or to individual expansions.

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