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GRACO Air Operated Dispensing Kits - Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Graco’s complete out of the box solutions use the field-proven Husky 515 pump and high quality components with stainless steel connections at the inlet and outlet, optional meter and choice of nozzles for your specific needs.

DEF is 32.5% high purity urea. Fluid purity is critical and contamination of as little as +/-.08 percent will prevent DEF from meeting specifications mandated by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).


  • Air-Operated Diaphragm pump (24G745).
  • Drum mounting bracket with nozzle holder (24F679).
  • Manual nozzle (125078).
  • Quick connect inlet kit (24F532).
  • DEF Inlet hose– 2 ft, 3/4 in BSPP X cut (124875).
  • DEF Dispense hose–12 ft, 3/4 in BSPP M x cut end (125079).
  • Air Controls: Regulator (110147)
  • Vent (110223).
  • 50 psi valve(124963).
IBC and Wall Mount also available.


    • Dependable Field-proven Pump
    • The Husky 515 double diaphragm pump (15 gpm free flow) is self priming and operates on as little as 20 psi (1.4 bar) with polypropylene materials that will not interact with the DEF chemistry. Provides superior suction and lift for deep totes or tanks.
    • Standard Air Control
    • Comes complete with pressure gauge and air adjustment for total control over your fluid dispense. (Air nipple not included).
    • Choice of Nozzle
    • High-impact polypropylene nozzle offers dependable operation at a low cost. Heavy-duty stainless steel dispense nozzle (shown at left) has convenient auto shut-off to prevent overflow.
    • Premium Hoses
    • Oil resistant hose extends life and BSPP connections with seals on inlet and outlet provide trouble free performance – eliminates leaking at joints and prevents crystallization.
    • Quick Changeover Inlet Kit
    • Provides strong seal and prevents tank to tank contamination–easy to disconnect pump from empty tank leaving behind contaminated down tube.
    • Quick-secure Bracket
    • Easily removable with simple thumb screws for effortless changeovers.
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