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GRACO Hose Reel XD Series - Oil, Spring Rewind, 1/2" id x 15m Hose

Original price $1,672.00 - Original price $1,991.00
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$1,672.00 - $1,991.00
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GRACO Hose Reel - Oil, Spring Rewind Hose Reel XD Series 1/2" id x 15m Hose

A robust frame, hose length and size are important, but the spring, latch and swivel are really the core of a hose reel.  Our new spring design makes it easy to pull down–especially those last 10 feet, and a spring latch that retracts the hose so you don’t have to fight to get it to operate.  Plus, a durable full-flow swivel to maximise material flow with minimal pressure drop.

  • Dual Pedestal Frame.
  • Metal Spool.
  • Rugged, Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • Narrow Footprint.
  • Sealed Springs.
  • In-Field Spring Adjustment.
  • Non-Sparking Ratchet.
  • Seal Roller Bearings.
  • Long-life spring extends and retracts with constant force to reduce user fatigue.
  • Full-Flow Swivel maximise material flow with minimal pressure drop.
  • Baked-on enamel finish protects reel from corrosion for longer life – available in six colours.
  • Larger Hose Capacity with Smaller Profile.
  • Compact pedestal and spool fits into tight spaces and can accommodate.
  • 35-65 foot (10-20 meters) hose capacity for a wide variety of applications
  • Improved Latch Design.
  • No more frustrating lock-out at full hose extension.
  • Increase or decrease spring tension while reel is pressurized with fluid.


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