GRACO LD Series 50:1 Grease Pump for 120 lb (55 kg). Pail - NPT

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GRACO LD Series 50:1 Grease Pump for 120 lb (55 kg). Pail - NPT

These pumps are designed for low volume applications to provide long life and serviceability. LD™ has a powerful three inch air motor to deliver the fluids you need while the built-in thermal relief protects your equipment from thermal expansion.


  • Three Inch Air Motor - Provides more power to create better flow.
  • Innovative Air Valve - Designed to reduce icing in continuous use applications and uses less air than competitive pumps for better efficiency. Easy to repair or replace without tearing down internal pump components for less downtime.
  • Engineered for Durability - Patent-pending cup and plate design eliminates the need for O-rings that wear out faster for a more durable, longer-lasting solution.
  • Modular Air Valve - Air inlet and exhaust locations are easy to configure with just four bolts for simple, hassle free installations.
  • Pilot Valve - Patent-pending, self-cleaning design increases reliability in dirty air environments and minimises pressure drop with rapid changeovers for reduced stalling and smoother flow.
  • Adjustable Bung Adapter Included - Built-in slide adjustment with easy-set hand screws can fit into more applications.
  • Built-In Thermal Relief and Inlet Strainer - Built-in thermal relief protects your equipment from thermal expansion without the need to buy and install an additional kit. Inlet strainer (oil only) is built-in to protect pump from containments that can damage your pump.
  • 120 lb (55 kg) Grease Pump - 50:1


                Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

                150psi (51.7MPa)

                Fluid Pressure Ratio


                Power Type

                Pneumatic Piston Pump

                Wetted Parts

                Steel, Brass, Nitrile Rubber, Polyurethane, UHMWPE, Acetal

                Approximate Weight


                Air Inlet


                Fluid Outlet



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