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GRACO Oil Dispensing Bar

Constructed with single-dispense tap and waste pan with plated, perforated metal service area and drain connection.


  • Tough metal cabinet with baked-on enamel finish.
  • Modular convenient design allows up to 2 oil dispense taps or 3 meters to be added at the time of installation, or later if required.
  • Maximum working pressure 900 psi (62 bar).
  • Dimensions - 22.6 in H x 13.25 in D x 18.3 in W (57.4 cm H x 33.7 cm D x 46.5 cm W).
  • Instruction manual 307742.





Spigot valve replacement


Add to oil dispense bar to convert into two or three taps, as needed. Kit also includes non-drip dispense valve, manifold and all necessary mounting hardware.


Any individual tap on the oil dispense bar can be fitted with a fluid meter. Kit includes meter 239824 and all necessary mounting hardware. Maximum working pressure 500 psi (34 bar).


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