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Hydrau-Flo® Valve Red with Port Block

This retro fit Hydrau-Flo® fuel filling (red) valve is designed to fit into tanks using the “Wiggins” ZNC3 recess. These are typically used on 776 and 773 trucks.

The Hydrau-Flo® valve system is a safer, cleaner and more reliable fuel filling valve arrangement which removes the risk of overfilling, spillage and tank rupture while minimising safety and environmental hazards associated with fuel transfer.


  • Flow rate to 800 lpm (211 gpm).
  • Valve mounting 2” NPT male.
  • Fully mechanical design integrated with hydraulic principles.
  • Eliminates blockage and electronics failure.
  • Cannot be over-ridden.
  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage.
  • Prevents overfilling.
  • Prevents fuel spillage and wastage.
  • Removes the risk of tank rupture due to pressure build up during and after filling.
  • Minimises the risk of fire as a result of fuel spillage.
  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage and equipment damage.
  • Significantly improves safety and environmental outcomes.
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