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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions


MACNAUGHT P6001 Bare Replacement Pump Unit

NOTE: Replacement Pump Unit Only.

50:1 air operated MAXILUBE® for 50 to 55kg drums. B2 ‘Booster Gun’ provides boost pressure up to 68 900 kPa (10,000 psi). Complete with 4m hose. Suitable for underground coal mine applications.

The P6 MAXILUBE® offers the same features & benefits as the P3 POWERLUBE®, but has models available to suit grease containers from 50kg (110lbs) to 55kg (120lbs).


  • Quiet, non-corroding air motor.
  • Low air consumption.
  • No air line lubricator required.
  • Rubber edged follower plate.
  • 4m (13 ft.) x 6 mm (¼”) ID delivery hose.
  • B2 booster gun with 360º ZSB swivel.
  • Fully serviceable.
  • 10 year warranty and parts guarantee.


  • Grease viscosity: up to NLGI No.2
  • Wetted components: zinc and hard chrome plated carbon steel, brass, and nitrile and polyurethane rubber
  • Output: approx. 460 g/min (16 oz/min)
  • Max. air pressure: 1 030 kPa (150 psi, 10.3 bar)
  • Min. air pressure: 400 kPa (60 psi, 4 bar)
  • Min. compressor size: 0.08 m³/min (3 cfm)
  • Air inlet/fluid outlet: ¼” NPT (F)
  • Pump ratio: 50:1 (grease pressure is 50 times air pressure)
  • B2 gun pressure: up to 69 000 kPa (10 000 psi, 690 bar)
  • Hose thread: ¼” NPT (M)


  • TR6 Trolley
  • PDF13 Push On Extension
  • PDF21 Push On Extension
  • TA-7K Filter & Regulator Kit
  • KZDXL Straight Needlepoint Coupler
  • KRV Pressure Release Valve
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