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DONALDSON Filter Clean and Dry Diesel Filtration Kit

Modern diesel engines are being built to increasingly stringent specifications with finer operating tolerances. They require clean, dry fuel for optimum combustion, maximum power and the lowest emission levels. Dirt and water are the enemies of High Pressure Common Rail fuel systems and can dramatically reduce the service life of fuel system components.Ā 

This kit uses two high-performance filters, in series, to clean your diesel fuel ready for use.Ā 

The first filter removes particulate contamination from diesel. Rated at <4um@b2000 (99.95% single pass), it is designed to target a cleanliness of ISO 14/13/11 in a single pass. The second filter uses a super-absorbent polymer (SAP) that will not allow free water to pass. This combination of filters will ensure that your diesel is both clean and dry, for maximum performance.Ā 

For complete protection, Donaldson recommends installing a TRAP breather to keep air-borne contamination and moisture from entering your tank. Select from one of the listed options.Ā 


  • Flow rate to 189 lpmĀ 
  • Max working pressure: 350 psiĀ 
  • Connections: 1.25"Ā NPT


  • Service vehiclesĀ 
  • Mobile tanksĀ 
  • Fixed bulk tanksĀ 
  • Industrial, agricultural, mining, transportĀ 


Filter Kit Contents - Donaldson Filtration

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