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PETRO Spill Containment Unit

3000mm x 2000mm x 250mm

The PETRO Spill Containment Unit (SCU) has been designed as a portable spill pad to be used on temporary project sites.  The PETRO SCU is designed to capture small spills at the refuelling point located near the bulk tank farm facility.  Over time it is these ongoing small releases to the environment that does most damage and leaves an expensive environmental mess to clean up.

The PETRO SCU can be connect to a portable bag separator, or it can be combined with a full Oily Water Separator module for longer term project requirements.  We can custom manufacture the SCU to suit your project site.  Ramps are available for on ground applications.

The PETRO SCU can be installed on ground, or in the ground.  The weight capacity of the unit is 80T.


  • Portable, Heavy Duty, Galvanised Spill Containment Unit.
  • Designed to capture spills at fill point.
  • Perfect for projects / construction work - fully portable.
  • Removable heavy duty galvanised grating.
  • Multiple bung drain points for connection to site plumbing or separator systems.
  • Modular design, able to be linked to form larger spill pads.
  • Optional Ramps are available for on ground applications.
  • Available for Hire, Rent to Buy or Purchase.
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