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PETRO TWIN IBC 1000L Polyethylene Bund

Unique moulded supports allow direct storage of 2 x IBC’s as well as 205 litre drums, containers or IBC’s on pallets.

All polyethylene construction stands up to the harshest environments and chemicals.


  • Unique design maximises floor space and allows nesting of multiple units for storage or transport.
  • 40mm drain plugs at each end allow for easy decanting of spilt liquids.
  • Moulded forklift pockets allow forklift access from two sides.
  • Keeps personnel safe from accidental slips.
  • Keeps spilt liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or stormwater drains.
  • Reduces clean-up costs by providing easily retrievable spills.
  • Helps organise your IBC storage.
  • Segregate liquids for easy identification.
  • Makes handling containers safer and easier.
  • Optional Drum Bund Covers are available to prevent rainwater ingress into the bund.
  • Optional Bund Discharge Filters are available to allow oil & fuel capture when draining rainwater from the bund. Filter is packed with super absorbent hydrophobic (water resistant) envirosorb™ polypropylene for 30 litres of absorbency. Filter is fitted with an internal flow distributor and quick release camlock adaptor. Replacement filter bags can be ordered individually.
  • Sump Capacity: 1470 litre.
  • Shipping dimensions: 276cm (L) x 148.5cm (W) x 66cm (H).
  • Weight: 141.5 kg.


  • Bund Discharge Filter Adaptor Kit – OFB-AK
  • Bund Discharge Filter – OFB
  • Drum Bund Cover – DBDIBCC
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