PIUSI AC Pump - ST Box in Lockable Cabinet + iPETRO Lite ONLINE

SKU: F0039900A
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PIUSI Pump - ST Box in Lockable Cabinet + iPETRO Lite ONLINE

This is a complete “Plug-n-Play” diesel Dispensing Package with Control Box, Pump, Automatic Nozzle and Hose, 3 Digit Flow Meter, Water Filter, Ocio Tank Gauge and the iPETRO Lite Fluids Management System in a lockable metal protection Box. 

The iPETRO Lite allows you to control access and record transactions and the OCIO Tank Gauge unit sends level data to the iPETRO Lite Terminal.

ST Box Features:

  • Lockable Steel Cabinet
  • Control Unit
  • iPETRO Lite FMS
  • Ocio Tank Gauge
  • Pump
  • Incorporated Bypass Valve
  • On/Off Switch 
  • 30 Micron Water Filter
  • Piusi Flow Meter
  • Piusi Automatic Shut Off Nozzle
  • Delivery Hose

PIUSI ST BOX – Cabinet Pump Kit with iPETRO Lite FMS – OPTIONS


    The iPETRO Lite is a next generation, fully cloud based Fuel Management Solution, Based on a secure web based portal for simplified management of your refuelling site.

    iPETRO Cloud Lite is available in various packages to suit your usage requirements.

    • Secure contactless technology to track every litre.
    • Automated transaction uploads via 3G technology ideal for unmanned sites.
    • Choose the time at which your once-a-day transaction upload is carried out removing the need to visit the terminal.
    • Standard and backup memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions.
    • Up to 250 users with contactless vehicle or driver tags.
    • Upgrade your terminal to use our new V-Tag system (Virtual tags) - no more need for physical tags just enter your pin to commence fuelling.
    • Full QWERTY keyboard for easy odometer and data entry.
    • Override switch available for manual fuelling.
    • Centralised reporting, view multiple sites under one screen.
    • Cost effective solution for small, medium or large fleets.
    • Track fuel by vehicle or driver.
    • 2 Pump upgrade available.
    • Stock reconciliation.
    • With RS232 or RS485 interface for tank gauging capability.
    • USB or 3G/4G connection type.

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