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iPETRO LITE High Flow Dispenser

This is a complete “Plug-n-Play” diesel Dispensing Package with Control Box, Pump, Automatic Nozzle and Hose, 3 Digit Flow Meter, Water Filter, Ocio Tank Gauge and the iPETRO Lite Fluids Management System in a lockable metal protection Box. 

The iPETRO Lite allows you to control access and record transactions and the OCIO Tank Gauge unit sends level data to the iPETRO Lite Terminal.


  • Lockable Steel Cabinet
  • Control Unit
  • iPETRO Lite FMS
  • Ocio Tank Gauge
  • Pump
  • Incorporated Bypass Valve
  • On/Off Switch 
  • 30 Micron Water Filter
  • Piusi Flow Meter
  • Piusi Automatic Shut Off Nozzle
  • Delivery Hose

iPETRO LITE High Flow Dispenser – Pump Options

    The iPETRO Lite is a next generation, fully cloud based Fuel Management Solution, Based on a secure web based portal for simplified management of your refuelling site.

    iPETRO Cloud Lite is available in various packages to suit your usage requirements.

    • Secure contactless technology to track every litre.
    • Automated transaction uploads via 3G technology ideal for unmanned sites.
    • Choose the time at which your once-a-day transaction upload is carried out removing the need to visit the terminal.
    • Standard and backup memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions.
    • Up to 250 users with contactless vehicle or driver tags.
    • Upgrade your terminal to use our new V-Tag system (Virtual tags) - no more need for physical tags just enter your pin to commence fuelling.
    • Full QWERTY keyboard for easy odometer and data entry.
    • Override switch available for manual fuelling.
    • Centralised reporting, view multiple sites under one screen.
    • Cost effective solution for small, medium or large fleets.
    • Track fuel by vehicle or driver.
    • 2 Pump upgrade available.
    • Stock reconciliation.
    • With RS232 or RS485 interface for tank gauging capability.
    • USB or 3G/4G connection type.

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