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PIUSI SQUALO35 Submersible AdBlue pump with timer

SKU F0020602A
by Piusi
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Style: SQUALO35 230/50 TIMER


PIUSI SQUALO35 Submersible AdBlue pump

SQUALO35 is the first submersible pump for AdBlue® to have been especially developed and tested for distribution systems.

A centrifugal pump fitted with a turbine regenerator with non-return valve and a built-in innovative pressure regulation system that optimises flow rate performance levels.

Consistent flow rate and accuracy during delivery dramatically reduce energy consumption levels.

The compact size and special pump design make for easy installation and near-complete emptying of the intended installation tank.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Regenerative Turbine
  • Integrated Pressure Regulator
  • Built-In Non Return Valve
  • Mesh Strainer
  • 5 Meter power cord
  • Built-In Non Return Valve
  • Pressure Equilizer
  • Timer


  • Up to 35 lpm Flow Rate
  • AC Voltage
  • 30mm Dead Level
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