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PULSAR Ultra Controller Range - Level and Flow Measurement


Ultra sophistication in a smart package, Ultra 3 combines reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level and volume measurement, high specification pump control and open channel flow measurement to international standards. Three control or alarm relays, optional data logging, Pulsar’s world-leading DATEM echo processing software and a choice of wall, fascia, panel or 19” rack mounting.


Ultra 5 continues where Ultra 3 leaves off, maintaining the same reliability, flexibility and menu-driven programming simplicity, with two extra relays, extra features for advanced pump control, differential level and open channel flow, plus the option of RS485 digital communication and 4–20 mA input.


Two independent ultrasonic systems in one unit.

Each channel is user-configurable to operate in any combination of:

  • a full function open channel flow monitor calculating flow rate to BS ISO standards, a pump control system or
  • as a level and volume monitoring unit for liquids or solids, calculating volumes and providing alarms. UltraTWIN features six relays configurable for either channel as well as four digital inputs and 2 x 4-20mA outputs.


Ultra 3 combines several full-function, world-beating ultrasonic level measurement instruments into one. Pulsar engineers have created devices that can be simply configured by the user to provide top-drawer performance . Through the use of ULTRA WIZARD, an integrated high level software configuration tool, you choose your application and the Ultra unit leads you through the set-up process for that specific operation. Full control functions are available: open channel flow is calculated to BS ISO 1438 and 4359. Pump control features are built into Ultra 3, and an extensive set of volume calculations and linearisation facilities are available for a tank or silo level measurement task.


  • Solids or liquids level measurement.
  • Choice of wall, panel, fascia or 19” rack mount controllers.
  • RS232 standard with optional 485 Modbus and Profibus.
  • AC or DC supply as standard.
  • No special interconnection cable.
  • Up to 1000m separation.
  • Ultra Wizard easy set up.
  • Backlit display.
  • DATEM Software. The world’s most advanced echo
  • processing software, for reliable level measurement.


Perfect for the wide range of level measurement applications in solids and liquids found in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, power generation and many more industries. In level measurement configuration, Ultra 3 has three control relays and a measurement range from 125mm to 40m.

Note: A ‘modified’ Ultra 3 controller will power the dB50 which is available as an option.


Ultra 3 features pre-programmed tank shape conversion for a wide variety of standard tank shapes including: cylindrical, rectangular, cone base, pyramid base, sloped base, horizontal including parabolic ended tanks and spherical.

Unusual shapes are also accommodated through the 32 point linearisation function.


8 digit on-board totaliser;  6 digit display of flow rate or head;  Bar indicator displaying head or flow.

Pump control

Pulsar pump control units are used throughout the global water and waste industries. Ultra 3 gives you sophisticated pump control on changing level or rate of level change to provide:

  • Power on delay, allows to delay switching on pumps when power resumes.
  • Pump start delay, allows delay switching on pumps after another has started.
  • Fixed duty assist.
  • Fixed duty back up.
  • Alternate duty assist.
  • Alternate duty back up.
  • Duty back up and assist.
  • Service ratio duty assist.
  • Service ratio duty back up.
  • FOFO (alternate first on first off duty assist).

Open Channel Flow

Ultra 3 in open channel flow mode provides non-contacting, maintenance free flow measurement and control in a wide range of flumes and weirs by calculating flow from the measured head preceding a primary element. Flow calculation to BS ISO 1438 and 4359. Three control relays for control choices. A data logging board is an optional extra with RS485 connection and large data log capability together with Profibus DP V0 and V1 or Modbus communications.


Ultra 5 offers the ultimate flexibility in ultrasonic control and measurement. Like Ultra 3, Ultra 5 is user-configurable to measure level or volume, provide advanced pump control or measure open channel flow to BS ISO 1438 and 4359. Over and above the facilities offered by Ultra 3, Ultra 5 gives you the ultimate flexibility of:

  • Five assignable relays with extra alarm options such as pump efficiency.
  • Extra pump control functions including pump run-on and pump exercising.
  • Storm and aeration control.
  • Differential control using two transducers, the addition of further relays in OCM applications.


  • Solids or liquids level measurement.
  • Linearisation for tank shapes.
  • Advanced pump control choices.
  • Pump efficiency alarm.
  • Optional 4 - 20mA input.
  • Wide choice of flumes and weirs in OCM.
  • Easy prompt set up.
  • DATEM software, the world’s most advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement.


All the features of the Ultra 3 with 2 additional relays. Offers optional 4 - 20mA input for a pressure transmitter or similar.


All the features of the Ultra 3 with 2 additional control/alarm relays.

Pump control

Ultra 5 in pump control configuration is a premium specification ultrasonic pump control unit offering many standard features. Advanced control functions include:
  • Pump run-on, allowing the user to set both the run-on interval and the duration, for periodic pumping past the off point to remove solids from pump stations.
  • Pump exercising, causes pumps to come on when a period of non operation has occurred, idle time and exercise time can be set.
  • Start point variation, reduces material build up on the walls at the ‘normal’ level by setting a band in which the switch point varies.
  • Storm control feature permits the identification of a storm condition and operate any relay with specific points being set to accommodate needs during a storm, and the ability to disable other relays during the storm if required.
  • Aeration control activates on elapsed time (since pumps ran), in little used well. Introduces air to reduce well gases.
  • Flush valve control activates a re-circulation valve for a specific time based on pump cycle frequency, Prevents solids settling.

Data logs

  • Running total of individual pump running hours.
  • Running total of individual pump starts.
  • Running total of individual pump run-ons.


Ultra 5 offers further sophistication with the inclusion of differential level capability using two transducers. With one upstream and the other downstream of a screen or penstock, an alarm or control signal is initiated as the difference between the level exceeds a user-defined limit to automatically operate the cleaning mechanism.

Open Channel Flow

All the features of the Ultra 3 with 2 additional relays. With the additional step/time control for use with a penstock.

A data logging board is an optional extra with RS485 connection and large data log capability together with Profibus DP V0 and V1 or Modbus communications.


Twin-channel ultrasonic level/volume monitoring, pump control, open channel flow measurement or any combination of these.

Flexibility is the keyword for the UltraTWIN 2 channel ultrasonic system. Each channel is user-configurable to operate independently either as a full function open channel flow monitor calculating flow rate to BS ISO 1438 and 4359, a pump control system or as a level and volume monitoring unit for liquids or solids, calculating volumes and providing alarms. UltraTWIN is compatible with the full range of Pulsar’s dB transducers, from the ultra-high resolution dBMACH 3 to the powerful 40m range dB40. Six relays configurable to either channel provide full alarm and control options.


  • 2 independent channels.
  • Wall or Fascia mount options.
  • Data logging option.
  • Easy prompt led set up.
  • 4 digital inputs assignable to other alarm functions.

Level/Volume measurement

Use the level/volume measurement setting and UltraTWIN provides everything you would get from the Pulsar Ultra 3 or Ultra 5 in level measurement mode. UltraTWIN in level/volume mode will calculate volumes based on a wide variety of standard tank shapes and is equally at home measuring liquids and solids.

Open Channel Flow measurement

When you select the Open Channel Flow option, you are getting the full power of Pulsar’s flow measurement expertise, the choice of waste water companies and process industries worldwide to measure open channel flow within effluent treatment processes. Features include on-board totalisation and pulsed output. UltraTWIN provides outstanding accuracy when teamed with the high resolution accuracy of the dBMACH 3 transducer.

Pump Control

In pump control configuration, UltraTWIN provides all the power of the Pulsar Ultra 3. Extremely reliable level monitoring even in the most difficult applications, it also provides a wide range of sophisticated pump control routines to keep the application running perfectly. UltraTWIN also includes four digital inputs, making it possible to monitor the performance of other equipment, for example a no-flow signal from a pump can trigger an alarm without the need for a PLC.

Data logging/Digital Communications

A powerful data logging solution can be added to the UltraTWIN system. As a factory fit option, level and flow information is recorded and “date stamped” at user defined intervals to build up a complete picture of the changing situation on site. Information may be stored for up to a year, and easily downloaded to a computer through a standard RJ11 port. The data logging solution offers Pulsar’s PC Ultra Log software package, which records and charts data and trends in an easily accessible form. UltraTWIN may also be upgraded to include RS485 communications, operating the Modbus or Profibus DP V0 or V1 protocols.


A high level software configuration tool allowing the user to dedicate the device to a specific function.  Simply enter the programming code (1997) and Ultra Wizard leads the user through a set-up menu.

From the first question, do you want me to operate as:

1.  Level/volume controller, or

2.  Pump controller, or

3.  Open Channel Flow.

The user is led into a ‘Quick Setup’ menu specific to the application type that allows parameters such as empty and full distances and alarm/control relay settings to be entered.

The majority of applications will then be ‘ready to go’, while it is easy to finish off the more demanding installations via further menus, refining the programming to add extra sophistication such as Ultra 5’s advanced pump control routines.

The unique ‘Quick Setup’ allows a user to avoid time-consuming programming and reference to parameter numbers.


  • Absolute flexibility.
  • User choice of function.
  • Lowers controller stockholding.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Units can be reprogrammed to suit changing applications.


Ultra PC software is a powerful tool that fine tunes the Ultra series of controllers, helping the user get the best from their level or flow system.

Ultra PC can be used to record all the parameters for your applications, these may be saved to PC, disc or email. All programming parameters can be changed and downloaded to the instrument via your laptop or PC. The software may also be used to record echo profiles of your applications, these can be saved for your records or sent via e-mail back to Pulsar for analysis. Ultra PC can also record echo profiles, allowing them to be saved for your records or emailed to Pulsar for analysis. Events may be recorded and logged over long periods of time, creating an archive of level or flow variations.


  • Allows ‘cloning of units’.
  • Real time recording of echo trace.
  • Stores all calibrated parameters by site.
  • Clean effective and accurate storage.
  • CD with USB port or serial connection leads.
  • Easy to operate and setup.



Ultra 3

Ultra 5

Ultra TWIN

Volt free contacts:

3 form C

(SPDT) 5A, 240V ac

5 form C

(SPDT) 5A, 240V ac

6 form C

(SPDT) 5A, 240V ac

Outside dimensions (wall mount):

193 x 155 x 102mm

(7.59 x 6.10 x 4.02in)

240 x 184 x 118mm

(9.45 x 7.24 x 4.65in)

240 x 184 x 118mm

(9.45 x 7.24 x 4.65in)

Cable entry:

8 cable entries

3 x PG11, 1 x PG9 underside

4 x PG11 at rear

10 cable entries

5 x PG11, 1 x PG9 underside

4 x PG11 at rear

10 cable entries

5 x PG11, 1 x PG9 underside

4 x PG11 at rear

Digital inputs:



4 normally open or normally

closed, 24VDC supply



    Nominal 1kg (2.2lbs)

    Case material:

    Polycarbonate, flame resistant to UL94-V2

    Transducer cable:

    Twin screened

    Maximum separation:

    1000m (3280ft)

    Rack mount:

    10HP x 160mm (6.29in) deep x 3U 128.5mm (5.06in) high (not UltraTWIN)

    Panel mount:

    72mm (7.87in) wide x 144mm (4.80in) high x 176mm (6.93in) deep (not UltraTWIN)

    Fascia mount:

    200mm x 122mm (7.87in x 4.80in) front x 108mm (4.25in) deep, 165mm x 105mm (6.50in x 4.13in) cutout

    IP rating (wall mount):


    Fascia mount:


    IP rated panel mount (optional):


    Max and min temp. (electronics):

    -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

    Hazardous area approval:

    Safe area: compatible with approved dB transducers (see transducer specification sheet)

    CE approval:

    EMC approval to BS EN 50081-1: 1992 for emissions and BS EN 50082-2:1995 for immunity, and to BS EN 61010-1: 1993 for low voltage directive.


    0.1% of maximum range


    dBMACH3 0.25mm, dB3 0.5mm, dB6 and dB10 1mm, dB15 1.5mm, dB25 2.5mm and dB40 5mm


    Depending upon transducer, from 125mm to 40m (0.41ft to 130ft). 50m on modified Ultra 3 and Ultra 5. (0m to 2.5m (0 - 8.2ft) dBMACH3 for open channel flow)

    Echo processing:

    Patented DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement)

    Analogue output:

    Isolated output 4-20mA or 0-20mA into 500Ω (user programmable and adjustable), 0.1% resolution

    Digital output:

    Full duplex RS232 via RJ11 port


    6 digits plus 12 character text, plus bargraph with direction indicators, remote communicator identifier and program/run/test mode indicators

    Remote programming:

    Standard on rack and panel mount units via infra red communicator

    On-board programming:

    Standard on wall and fascia mount with integral keypad

    PC Programming:

    Via RS232 (RJ11 port)

    Programming security:

    Via password (user selectable and adjustable)

    Programmed data integrity:

    Via non-volatile RAM, plus backup

    Power supply:

    115V ac +5% -10% 50/60Hz, 230V ac +5% -10%, 18-36V dc



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