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PIUSI 12V DC 50lpm EX50 Pump

SKU F00371000
by Piusi
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Fluids Compatibility: Aviation Fuel


PIUSI 12V DC 50lpm EX50 Pump

  • New from Piusi is the EX50 ATEX Approved¬†Fuel Transfer Pump
  • 50lpm - choice of 12V DC / 120V AC / 230V AC
  • Suitable for use with Aviation Fuels / Gasoline (Petrol), Diesel or Kerosene
  • Compact and sturdy construction;
  • Cast-iron body;
  • High-efficiency pump able to dispense up to 50 l/min (13 gpm) with little voltage draw, ensuring a longer life;
  • Anti-noise filter (electromagnetic compatibility EMC);
  • Fully-flanged components: pump, flow meter and filters can be fitted or replaced without the use of sealing paste, making the connections quick and safer;
  • An integrated bypass valve; thermally protected.
  • PIUSI EX50 satisfies the criteria of the stringent ATEX/IECEx directives regarding product safety, specific to Europe. ¬†In additional PIUSI EX50 is UL / ULC approved for use in the United States / Canada markets.
  • Duty cycle: 30 min on/ 60 min off


  • As of 1st July 2003, the ATEX directive came into¬† force¬† throughout¬† the¬† EEC.¬† This¬† directive¬† became¬† an¬† obligatory¬† requirement¬† for all¬† electrical¬† and¬† mechanical¬† equipment intended¬† for¬† use¬† in¬† dangerous¬† areas.¬†
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres exist where there is a risk of explosion due to mixtures of gas and air, steam and air, dust and air or other explosive combinations typical of petrol vapours.
  • If¬† the¬† electrical¬† or¬† mechanical¬† material must¬† be¬† used¬† in¬† areas¬† where¬† there¬† is¬† an¬† explosive¬† atmosphere,¬† it¬† must¬† be¬† designed and¬† built¬† so¬† as¬† not¬† to¬† create/¬† to¬† eliminate sources¬† of¬† ignition¬† such¬† as¬† sparks,¬† hot¬† surfaces¬† or¬† static¬† electricity¬† and¬† all¬† sources¬† of combustion¬† able¬† to¬† ignite¬† these¬† mixtures.
  • Risk¬† areas¬† for¬† environments¬† where¬† gas and¬† flammable¬† vapours¬† are¬† present¬† can range¬† from¬† AREA¬† 0¬† (constant¬† risk¬† of¬† explosion)¬† to¬† AREA¬† 1¬† (risk¬† of¬† explosion¬† probable)¬† and¬† AREA¬† 2¬† (low¬† risk¬† and¬† any¬† risk of¬† explosion¬† persists¬† for¬† a¬† short¬† time¬† only
  • PIUSI extends its experience to the world of¬† explosive liquids
  • In light of the regulations in force regarding the use of materials in potentially explosive environments, Piusi is broadening its horizons in search of solutions for transferring fluids, enhancing its range with new products for dispensing explosive liquids.
  • The experience gained with diesel transfer pumps, together with the growing demands of the market, has prompted the development of this new line of petrol, kerosene and diesel fuel pumps that satisfy the criteria of the stringent ATEX directive.¬†
  • This is attested by CESI certification number CESI12ATEX033X and the IECEx certification scheme,¬† certification¬† number¬† IECEx¬† CES12.0016X.
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