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Test Measure Can - 20L with Case

Provides a true comparison for checking the accuracy of fuel dispensing equipment.


  • Suitable for use with most fluids including Diesel, Petrol & Diesel Exhuast Fluid - (AdBlue®).
  • Varigauge neck allows the amount of over or under measure to be easily read in millilitres. 20 litres capacity, 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Separate lift & emptying handles.
  • Supplied c/w steel carrying case.
  • Weights & measures (W/M) certificate.


  1. The capacity of the test measure at the “0” mark on the calibrated scale is 20 litres.
  2. Filling the measure to this mark from a fuel dispenser will ensure 20 litres of fuel has been dispensed and calibration can be performed accordingly.
  3. Ensure the measure has been drained for at least 1 minute prior to filling.
  4. If the measure is to be used to calibrate a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue®) dispenser ensure that it has not been used previously to calibrate a dispenser with any other liquid.
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